Louis Tremblay

  • Director | Board of Directors

Louis Tremblay is President and CEO of AddÉnergie and its subsidiary FLO. In 2009, he founded AddÉnergie, a trailblazing company in the field of electric mobility in Canada, while he was still a student at Laval University (Quebec). Over the years, Mr. Tremblay has become known as an influential and respected professional in the electric vehicle industry while he positioned his company as the North-American leader in charging solutions for electric vehicles. AddÉnergie manufactures charging stations and develops network management software for every market (residential, commercial and public). AddÉnergie also operates FLO, the largest electric vehicle charging network in Canada, provides infrastructure to and manages the electric vehicle charging operations of third parties that include Electric Circuit in Quebec and eCharge Network in New Brunswick. AddÉnergie currently employs over 125 people in 7 offices. Its HQ and National Operations Centre are in Quebec City and all its products are manufactured in its Shawinigan (Quebec) office. The company also has offices in Montreal (Quebec), Mississauga (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia), San Francisco (California) and New York (New York State). 

Louis Tremblay graduated from Laval University with a BA in electrical engineering and continued his graduate studies in power electronics. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Grappe industrielle des véhicules électriques et intelligents du Québec (Quebec Industrial Cluster for Electric and Smart Vehicles) and one of the 14 members of the Generation Energy Council, a committee that was set up by Natural Resources Canada. Its mission involves making recommendations on measures that the Canadian government can take to prepare for a low carbon economy.

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