Inno-centre welcomes Bertin Thériault as senior business advisor

Bertin Thériault is known for his unique skillset in the field of financial modelling. Over the years, he has developed a…

Inno-centre welcomes Isabelle Aubry as senior business advisor

Isabelle Aubry spent the last 22 years working as a specialist in business optimization, where she has helped over 200 companies…

Inno-centre welcomes Marie-Claude Michaud as Senior business advisor

Marie-Claude Michaud is a business strategy consultant who has worked for manufacturing companies, retailers, and financial services as well as…

Inno-centre, the ACET and Sherbrooke Innopole sign an agreement

Inno-centre, the Accélérateur de création d’entreprises Technologiques (ACET) and Sherbrooke Innopole have signed a partnership agreement aimed at accelerating the…

Richard Philippe

Senior business advisor | Multidisciplinary team

Barry Holleman

Senior business advisor | Sector Team

Patrick Déry

Senior Business Advisor | Sector Team

Roger Fournier

Senior business advisor | Multidisciplinary team

Johnny Izzi

Conseiller d'affaires principal | Sector Team


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